Xrin Arms – ‘Human Hallucinogen’

“There was black magic leakin’ on the rhino”

Available from the label here. Xrin Arms can be found on twitter.

Recommended tracks: ‘Bordello Soiree’, ‘Human Stuffing’, ‘Magical Hatred’

It’s pronounced “You’re in [or “Urine”] Arms“, before you ask! Formerly known for intense, Soul record sampling Cyber-grind, Xrin Arms has abandoned that sound almost entirely in favour of a drawling, woozy Hip-Hop sound, though one that is not too distant aesthetically from his older work, which is good news for estabished Xrin fans, in retaining his very individual discordant vocals and Southern American psychedelia. The opening track ‘Xr World’ really sets the tone for a record packed full of sneering cynicism and swirling agitation with its intense dissonant singing and harsh lyrical imagery of “scraped knees”, “forest fires” and “fist-fucking”. Elsewhere, Xrin’s great near-slurred swagger and flow is demonstrated perfectly in tracks like ‘Bordello Soiree’ and ‘Magical Hatred’, while tracks like ‘Burning Churches’ and ‘Human Stuffing’ showcase full-on misanthropy. Much of the album is built on samples of rock’n’roll drums, creating something not quite, but almost, like the sound of traditional 90s rap beats, clattering and crunching and adding to the stoned feel.

Xrin Arms has totally nailed a unique, inimitable sound in this record, one that’s hard to accurately describe, not only in his beats and sounds (most of which he produced himself) but also in his lyrics and vocal delivery, forming a really cohesive aesthetic and really leaving you feeling like you’re entering this guy’s world, and leaving it smelling of smoke and sex and with a strong sense of how messed-up the world is, but also with a strong sense of indignant self-motivation, like ‘Xr World’ says, “happiness ain’t delivered / you got to get it”.

Xrin Arms’ music, like the man himself, comes dressed in all brown (feathered mask [link is to an older video of his] and all), and comes soaked in deadly coolness and unsettling, ruthless psychedelics. His label says “‘Human Hallucinogen’ is the sonic equivalent of eating a bag of mushrooms and bar hopping through the 1960s rock’n’roll scene and the 1990s hiphop scene while burning bibles and slanging crack rocks to priests and nuns” and it’s hard to disagree with them!

This album is a must for fans of underground Hip-Hop, and for fans of boundary-pushing music in general. You won’t hear another record like this from anyone else.

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One Response to Xrin Arms – ‘Human Hallucinogen’

  1. Matt Coffey says:

    My favorite album by far from the last few years

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