My Glastonbury 2011 Friday

The weather gods were listening to the same bands as me this Glastonbury, and they seem to be big Pulp fans as well.

This was my first Glastonbury, and I managed to collect the full spectrum of weather, food, music and people. It was a fantastic experience that anyone who loves music should experience at least once. This is a quick summary of all the music I saw on a day by day basis, starting with Friday.

  1. Emmy the Great
    An effortlessly charming begin to the festival. Opening with the washy, shoegazey ‘Dinosaur Sex’ The full band set up added a lot to Emma’s acoustic strumming and intricate lyrics and melodies. A great ensemble piece, and incredibly full sound. Climaxing with ‘Where is My Mind?’ cover with Tim Wheeler adding vocals grounded the set and really drove it home. A large contrast to her recorded works, and arguably a great improvement, taking her a step above and beyond her interesting lyrics and engaging voice.
  2. Wu-Tang Clan
    While it is definitely a strange experience listening to classic hip hop in a field full of indie fans doing gun hand signs and bopping, Wu-Tang gave it their all and were engaging and powerful, and sometimes emotive in their dedications and freestyles about ODB. However a large percent of audience interaction and rap leads were taken by Method Man. I could have done with a bit more Ghostface and Raekwon.
  3. Warpaint
    This hazy reverb covered band filled the crowds ears with interplaying guitars and vocals and an incredibly strong rhythm section, adding a lilting groove but maintaining a lot of punch. Managing to find a middle ground between Jefferson Airplane and Portishead is no simple task, and it is something Warpaint make look effortless. The four very engaging, and all very different, women on the stand flooded the park stage with a complete joy in their music.
  4. Big Audio Dynamite
    A jolly good romp. Mick Jones has a very charismatic stage presence and the band are tight and talented. Big Audio Dynamite have great spirit and they are about as close as you can get to seeing The Clash perform now. They have that same feel as late Clash albums of messy vocals, reggae beats, and punky guitar.
  5. Radiohead
    This was a conflicting set. On one hand it was an excellent performance that drew the audience in and created a strong mood. Everyone in that crowd left feeling Radiohead. On the other hand, they played almost entirely King of Limbs, with some In Rainbows, and a pitiful 2 older tracks (I Might Be Wrong and Street Spirit (Fade Out)) which was disappointing from the perspective of a massive fan of Hail to the Thief and Kid A. Coming back on stage to an encore of Street Spirit was wonderful though.
  6. Barenaked Ladies
    Opening with Brian Wilson, the Barenaked Ladies had the audience at their mercy from word one. Throw in a couple of freestyle raps about Glastonbury and a couple of covers and you have a band that were entertainers in the truest sense. They had a perfect balance of between song banter and in song commentary. They had all the comedy they are famous for as well as some damn fine songs and sing-a-longs.

(Saturday at Glastonbury featuring Molotov Jukebox, Sixnationstate, Captain Angelo, Graham Coxon, The Walkmen, Tame Impala, Pulp, and more Captain Angelo)

(Sunday at Glastonbury featuring Laura MarlingPaul SimonThe Go! TeamThe Low Anthem, and Bellowhead)


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19 year old London based male with a passion for music and a desire to state my opinions on the public domain
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