My Glastonbury 2011 Saturday

This is my saturday from midnight to midnight. Quite a few interesting discoveries in this list that may well find their way into my iTunes library. A little miffed that I missed Fight Like Apes, but they are a must see at Reading in August.

  1. Molotov Jukebox
    Some sort of Cletzmer meets Gypsy punk meets Flamenco meets the new age of souly female pop singers. They claim to be Genre-dodging, and seem to succeed; incorporating elements of anything they could whilst keeping accordion and violin as lead instruments. Their joyous ambience spread easily through their audience. An excellent band to have a bit of a jig to and just generally have fun.
  2. Sixnationstate
    Mix a big glug of The Libertines, a strong dash of Pixies, and a bit of ska energy and you have a feel good garage band who are incredibly tight. They have been touring an expanding repertoire since 2004 and are well loved by their solid fanbase. When songs like ‘Everybody Wants to be My Friend’ and ‘Keep on Dancing’ come on, the loyal audience oblige.
  3. Captain Angelo
    Entering the strange and wonderful world of Glastonbury’s rave capital Shangri-La to see a modest folk set by Captain Angelo was a strange experience, but most definitely rewarding. The triumphant trumpet in tracks such as ‘I Still Think of You’ sang out over the powerful P.A. While too muffled to pick out the intricate lyrics, the spirit of Miles’ gentle Nick Drake-esque vocals made for a wonderful ambience. Sadly, the clarinet and autoharp which add so much warmth to their recorded opus was too low in the mix.
  4. Graham Coxon
    Powerful dirty blues guitar, Graham Coxon relies on his guitar to do the talking because he clearly doesn’t want to. The duality between his introverted body language and between song rapport, and his brash, noisy solos that have a strong sense of musicality amidst the maze of feedback and distortion, is surprisingly engaging, and enthralling. Leaving the audience hushed to hear him utter a small comment about the upcoming song, and then joining in with the noise whether by singing along with his punky vocals, tapping along, or talking.
  5. The Walkmen
    Hamilton Leithauser has an undeniably amazing voice. With every note he sings, his face contorts with the strain he puts into it, both emotional and physical. The band have this strange trashy and yet lazy vibe that transmits well. The crowd started moving excitedly when ‘The Rat’ is played, but at no other times, which is a shame, because they put on good show throughout.
  6. Tame Impala
    Tame Impala are an interesting band, combining ambient music with psychedelia, and electronic indie. I spent the first few songs of their set sitting down and eating a portion of nachos. I enjoyed these few a lot because Tame Impala seem to have a miraculous ability to wash over and make a good atmosphere. However, upon listening more closely, they lack some substance. Though coming on stage shoeless was rather endearing.
  7. Pulp
    Easily one of the best performances of Glastonbury. Jarvis swanned onto the stand and said ‘you didn’t think we’d let you down?’ to which the crowd erupted. They churned out hit after hit, interspersed by Cocker’s enchanting audience interaction and chocolate hurling. His energy got the rather sizeable crowd both hot under the collar and completely enamoured with the music. They chanted ‘Jarvis! Jarvis!’ to which he eloquently responded ‘The band is called Pulp actually’ and a rowsing chorus of ‘Pulp! Pulp!’ was returned.
  8. Captain Angelo (again)
    This time at the far more intimate venue, Capt. Ang seemed much more at home on the claustrophobic Greenpeace stage. They obviously enjoyed this gig more and it showed as they regailed us with a more upbeat and shambolic set; full of shouting out to friends in the and impromptu song changes so as to not need to retune the guitar. It was the rhythm section that carried this performance. The drums skipped along merrily in songs like ‘The Last Song of Guitar Boy’ smiles were abundant for both performers and audience.

(Friday at Glastonbury featuring Emmy the Great, Wu-Tang Clan, Warpaint, Big Audio Dynamite, Radiohead, and the Barenaked Ladies)

(Sunday at Glastonbury featuring Laura Marling, Paul Simon, The Go! Team, The Low Anthem, and Bellowhead)


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