Heroes On Parade – Where Are We?

Michigan sextet kicks down the wall of pop rock

(listen here)

Recommended Tracks: ‘Heroes on Parade - Where are WeSave Your Strength’, ‘Changes‘, ‘Pleading’

Heroes On Parade are a Michigan based rock band formed in 2009. After taking their music out of the schoolyard, they have played a few independent tours as well as the Vans Warped Tour, it is clear this band are on the rise. Having recorded several tracks independently, the American sextet have recently teamed up with producer Mat Halliday to launch their powerful debut ‘Where Are We?’

Chugging guitars and thick drum parts dominate much of this album, with a soaring lead vocal belting anthemic choruses and memorable hooks. A nice addition to the standard guitar/bass/drums lineup is the glassy melancholic piano that sits adorably atop the mix, adding another layer of weight to what is an already pretty full sound. Analogous to the sounds and deliveries of post-millennium pop rock bands such as Paramore and Fall Out Boy, but with a hefty helping of acoustics and a force that could kick down a brick wall, ‘Where Are We?’ is sure to carve a name for itself as a remarkably solid output from a group that has not been around for that long.

The opening track and single ‘Save Your Strength’ is a surefire say-so that Heroes On Parade know what they’re doing. An upbeat anthem whose momentum finds itself landing on thick, yet sparse breakdowns, only to neatly pick up the pace and regain its direction right where it left off.
As well as this full-on-rock approach to their songs, Heroes On Parade also feature a few acoustic tracks on the album. ‘Rollercoaster’, being the first of this kind to make an appearance, features intimate acoustic guitar and piano with warm vocal harmonies filling the sound out greatly.

This album stands up incredibly solidly in the pop punk catalogue, however it is hard not to find that there is somewhat less originality than one might have hoped. As much as this album has an incredible momentum and rich sonorous quality, by the end it is likely that a listener may feel they are listening to Paramore (Only a problem if you don’t like Paramore). I feel that this album has original aspects that are a little suppressed by its delivery. I would be very interested to hear their next album to see if these originalities have been urged further, but in the mean time, this will happily suffice.

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